Wifi Adapter for Hacking (Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch)

Hi Sir / Ma’am, I’d like something to ask regarding this course ( Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch )

  • does any WIFI adapter is able to use for hacking? I just ordered Atheros AR9271. somebody tell me that TP-link is also good for that but I don’t know which chipset or model should I buy.

*I’m a newbie about hacking would you recommend to proceed this course ( Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch ) for anyone who does not have knowledge or experience in hacking?

Thank you.

Thanks for your response.

which section of this course (Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch) that I may use for wired since my wireless adapter does not arrive yet. what would you suggest about that?

You can skip section 6 and 7 until you receive the wifi adapter.

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