Wifi Adapter not Working

I’m currently taking Zaid’s hacking from scratch course and he recommended the ALFA AWUS036ACH. I have this adapter and I installed it on my Kali machine. The adapter works perfectly fine in monitor mode and I can use it perfectly well for monitor mode capabilities. The issue lies when I try to connect to a wifi network. So I will be able to see the networks and when I select the one I want to connect to, it will prompt me to enter the password as is normal for any wifi network with one. It will attempt to connect and then I will get this error every time. “activation of network connection” I’ve gotten it to work maybe once or twice in the span of a week and it will disconnect randomly. I’ve tried several ports. I’m not sure if it’s the wire or adapter or something else I’m missing but this is horrible.

I have heard about these issues before. There can be many thing that may be the problem for this issue. You can try restarting your network manager by running ‘sudo service network-manager restart’. The other thing you can try is to use this adaptor on some other VM like Ubuntu. See if it works there to be sure that your adaptor is working fine. Also, try connecting to some other router than yours to see if there is any problem in your router.

Unfortunately, I’ve tried all of those things

So you are certain that your adaptor is working fine and is only not working in Kali?

I don’t think anyone has any specific solution to that. As you may have already seen from different forums, everyone has their solution but no one actually knows what’s wrong. You can only try those solutions. In almost all cases one of the solutions does work.