Wifi connection problem -- connected but no internet

For many time, I try to connect wifi in university. It told me it is connected but no internet.
and Hello here

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for that, you may have to contact the university IT departments…
as far as i can tell, they probably have control on who’s connect and who’s don’t. you may have to give them your mac address so you will get an ip address.

Hello Kam,

Are you connecting via Kali Linux? It could be some proxies or bridges that your university is running on that is not routing traffic back to your Virtual Machine if that is what you are using.

Let me know if you need anything else,

Thank you!

Hello Kam,

Does the university internet require you to set-up an account for your password? You can be connected to a Wi-Fi and your computer will show the Wi-Fi symbol but if you don’t have an account it won’t allow you access to the internet??