Win 7, 8 download links

Hi Atef,

Where are the downloadable links file for downloading win 7, 8 etc for the lab you are mentioning (link to dropbox or something)?

I dont see any drop box link or something which has the downloadable links anywhere on video “Download Windows ISO images”.

I am able to download win server 12 etc from microsoft site as they are available there without any issues.

Hi @aivijay, You can download Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 from the official Microsoft website When windows 10 came, Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows 7 and you can only download it if you have a serial key purchased.

Hi Apurv,

Looking at the download page, I see you need a product key to install these? Is there some ISO similar to Win server 12 etc which is valid for an evaluation period, or am I missing something?

I think they stopped giving evaluation ISOs also. I am not too sure about it but it seems that you need serial key. Do try for Windows 10, I heard that you could use it for 30 days or so

The link provides only Win10 downloads. I found 7 at I have keys for Windows 7, but Microsoft won’t accept them, telling me to go to my hardware vendor(mine came with an old used laptop ~2007), but Lenovo won’t provide a copy without a subscription to their “rescue” services. I might try Asus, but I’m skeptical. I assume that means we should skip that lab, or does 8 work as a substitute?

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