Windows Server 2019

Good day to you Prof K,

I would appreciate your kind advise on the below.

How much of RAM would you recomend, may I say which is a “must” to install the Oacle VM, Windows 2019 and Windows 10 for your traning labs?

How do I know and stop the services (ctr+alt+del; processors). I do agree with you unwanted servies and processors eat lots of RAM.

I have downloaded 2019, as per yoir advise, using free download tool, which is faster. After 180 days can we extend?

Thank you for letting us have those installation documents. I have printed and have it for my easy references.

Thank you too for all the very useful sites.

Further to the above I am facing an issue soon after I click Install (Server 2019). Please see the screen shots.

By the way this is the ISO file for 2019; 17763.737.190906-2324.rs5_release_svc_refresh_SERVERESSENTIALS_OEM_x64FRE_en-us_1

The screen takes me up to “Install”

I did try several times, as well as deleting and re installing.

I would appreciate your kind advies.

Did you check this video?

And share your system specs.
That way we can give you some advice how much memory and how many cpu cores you can give each VM.

Hello Edwin,

I have attached what you have requestd.

Having said so, I have not seen the video in question.


If I am allocating 2048 MB of RAM and 2 Cores from CPU, for Microsoft Windows 2019 and Microsfot Windows 10, how would my own system behave once woth are powered up for this class.


Kindly note I have 8 GB of RAM, in the laptop I am using for this particular course.

Your kind advise is much appreciated.

2GB and 2 cores per machine since your laptop also has hyper-threading and you also need a bit of resources for your host os. But it won’t be very fast.

Hello Ediwn.

Thank you for that.

Well during the lab practices I will be using the Oracle VM. I am using my 2nd laptop to run the traning video.

However at times I may pause the vdeo, search google in a view to explain my understanding as well as down load other portions of SF. I prefer to have all the other software (SF) which are needed for the lab in one central folder, where I have the VM installed.

In my second laptop is having the following issue. Though I have 8.0 GB it says 3.99 GB as usable. Please find the attached.

I would apprrciate your professional advise.

Maybe this helps.

press the Windows key + r, and type msconfig in the run box and hit enter. In the Msconfig window, click on the Boot tab, and then on Advanced Options. If the Maximum memory box is checked, uncheck it then close the Msconfig window and reboot

Hello Ediwn.

Thank you once again.

I have followed your kind instructions. Unfortunatley I am now faced with a new technical issue.

Please see attached and advies please. Perhaps this can be solved using the Command prompt.

By the way the youtube referece you snet me helped. However I had commited a mistake. Meaning in the Oracle VM I have installed, it does give the option for Windows 2019. Hence I selected this issue it gave the “strage” issue I was faced with. But when I selected 2016 the installation went well. (As explained as per lab.)



There are 3 things in the Microsoft link you can try.
Memory diagnostics

If none of these work then reinstall your host.
If that doesn’t work it’s a hardware issue.

Hello Edwin,

I got the system to do a reinstallation. Back to normal.

Now in a view to reinstall the host, if I down load an ISO image, can I use the Product Key which I have in the system?

Having said that, after the system got reinstalled, (the situation is the same) I have Windows.old, which is taking a space of 2,51 GB. Is it advisable to completely delete this Folder and the sub- folders? Or is there anything usable from this.

I would appreciate your kind advise.

If you have Windows.old, that means you didn’t do a clean installation.
Before you reinstall backup important files.
After that format the drive. And do a clean install.

Hello Edwin,

Appreciate that.