Wired Connection Failed

My name is Utkarsh and I am doing Zaid’s course on ethical hacking but due to some reason, I am not able to connect to the wired connection. It shows that the device is trying to connect but in the end, it shows a pop-up saying “Activation of network connection failed”. Please tell me what to do. I even changed the Network config file from ‘False’ to ‘True’. Still no luck.

Please help

I will need more information from you. Are you on some VM? If yes, which network setting you are on - NAT or Bridged? If you are on bridged, then try NAT and see if it works

I am on Virtual Box on windows. I am on NAT.

Try going through this site - Fix: Activation of Network Connection Failed in Linux - Appuals.com

Thank you so much will try and let you know if it works.