Wireless adapter connected but wireless option not showing up on kali

I connected my wireless adapter and the wireless option isnt showing up please help me fix?

Is it a compatible device?

yes it is a compatible wireless adapter, it connects to Kali it just dosnt provide the wireless option. wlan0 isn’t showing up its almost like the extension pack was not complete when i installed it not sure what to do can you help me with that?

im currently using the alfa AWUSO36ACH

What are you connecting it to? virtualbox? direct? what

If you’re still having trouble setting up the adapter, have you tried
root@kali: # lsusb
- or -
root@kali: # ip link
to see if the adapter shows up in the system?

hey, I also have the same problem and I’m not getting the wlan0 option, just Eth0 and lo… HELP PLEASE!!!

I would recommend checking if there are any drivers that you need to download on Kali via the terminal. I had to do this for the Realtek RTL8812AU chip inside the wifi adapter that I bought.