Wireless Adapter Not Connecting to Home Wi-Fi [solved]

I recently completed the Ethical Hacking from Scratch course with no problems. I decided to create a new Kali VM from the iso image (same iso image I’ve used previously) and booted everything just fine. Installed Veil 3.0 and got some backdoors working, which is all good.

Then I decided I want to connect to my home system, hook another laptop of mine and re-direct the victim to a fake page which tells him to download an “important software update”. So, I plugged my alfa awus036nha (Atheros chipset) into the machine and have the wifi icon appear in the top right. Of course, I need to reconnect to it since it’s a new machine, so I clicked on my home router, input the password and it asked me to do it again… And this was when the problem started to get on my nerves.

The prompt to re-enter my password keeps appearing until I click cancel - literally the process goes like this: enter password - wait for like 10 seconds - enter password (over and over again) with no indication whether something went wrong.

I opened up the wifi-settings and clicked on my router again and entered the password. Again, waiting another few seconds and the same prompt re-appeared, however when I clicked cancel I noticed something very briefly: authentication failed - secrets were required but not provided

What the hell does that mean!? I can’t find the exact problem on the internet nor forums. I’ve added the USB filter, reset the kali machine, created a new one. Downloaded an .ova file instead of .iso image.

Before I installed Veil 3.0 I did an update like so in the terminal: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-update

Maybe this caused the problem? Do I need to install compat-wireless to fix it or something?

I can’t use my alfa wireless adapter to connect to my home router anymore without the prompt asking to enter my password (even though its correct) looping over and over again until I cancel.

No don’t install compat, you don’t need that, the NHA should work without that, compat will actually mess it up, one thing that I don’t usually like to do is update virtual box while i have machines in it, and I don’t like doing dist-upgrade as it sometimes cases conflicts, try installing a fresh Kali image using a .ova file not using iso, don’t do apt-get upgrade, just add the card to usb list like shown in lecture 5 and make sure that you don’t physically connect the card to the computer until Kali is fully booted, connect the card, then go to the devices menu (beside the file menu) >> USB >> Click your device.

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It’s working now. Thanks for your help - it was strange though. I did an apt-get upgrade and suddenly it started working lol