Wirless with VM Windows 10

MSEge - Win 10 Oracle VM Virtual Box does not find the AWUS036NHA adapter. I am finding the adapter in Devices > USB (top menu) and attaching. I am also finding the adapter in the USB Settings (bottom of VM window) and attaching. When I run the netsh wlan show profile command the return: There is no wireless interface on the system.

I can make a connection via Kali and access the internet via Kali.

I have shut down all other VM windows, have rebooted multiple times, but no joy. Any thoughts?

Can you use another usb device?
Like a external hdd or a usb flash drive?

Try removing the driver from the Device Manager and restarting your VM is not done already. Also, do try installing the driver from this link https://files.alfa.com.tw/?dir=[1]%20WiFi%20USB%20adapter/AWUS036NHA/Windows