With regards to honeypots

with regards to honeypots why hasnt there been a more aggressive stance taken? Such as once a connection is made the system takes offensive action against the attacker? uploading our own malware that encrypts their system and alerts the relevant authorities there was an attempt to breach a system.

Well, the answer to your question isn’t that simple. Firstly, honeypots are designed to identify and analyze the techniques and methodologies followed by the attackers when they try to break in. It serves as a medium of education for us, so as to learn how our website could be targeted and thereby fix it. Hence, such a counter-offensive measure would defeat such an educational motive. Also, there may be cases where, naive users may accidentally gain access to our honeypot, hence uploading malware into their system isn’t what we want. Finally, doing such a thing isn’t exactly legal, since you are causing harm to their system, and in many countries, it may lead to severe legal consequences.

Uploading malware to an attacker can only be done if that is even possible and you know who the attacker is and where. Uploading malware is also illegal! What your suggesting is beyond current technology and law.

There are also false positives so often a human needs to act.