With Tor, Whonix or Tails

Hi Nathan,

First of all, your course is absolutely brilliant and I deeply thank you for teaching me so much. Can you please remind me where I can post a message to make people know about it?

My question is about the setup you advise for Tor. Should I use it with Tails or Whonix? This would be the first time I use Tor and I want to make it right.

Thank you again


Maybe Qubes os + Whonix Gateway?

Hi @osiris59, You can use any OS for using Tor like Tails, Whonix, Qubes, or even standard Kali VM with tor installed on it. The only thing to keep in mind is the isolation of that VM from everything else. I would suggest you look at the comparison between these and decide for yourself. A good starting point would be this link https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Comparison_with_Others.

Tor is easy to use in Windows, MacOS, Linux Mint, basically all linux distros; the only complications I ever had was with Tor in Android. There’s basically no way to do Tor “wrong”. I see lots of advice about only using Tor with VPNs, but that’s misleading. There’s a fundamental trust vulnerability with all VPNs. They might say they don’t keep logs, but it’s nearly impossible to verify this. And over the years there have been cases of VPN companies giving in to legal authorities and handing over records. In principle they should give users extra privacy, but there’s a lot of misinformation about this- the opposite of FUD I guess. If you want to learn to use Tor, just install and use! If you have special specific security needs, that’s a different question, really. Like if you have government law enforcement specifically targeting you and/or watching your computer usage, that’s a different issue than “doing Tor right”.
I haven’t used Whonix for a while, but I liked it quite a bit, on both Windows and MacOS hosts. Tails supposedly has persistence, but that seems to be only for certain settings. And upgrades in Tails meant re-installing from scratch. You can update and upgrade the linux client VMs within Whonix fairly easily. The Whonix site encourages Whonix on Qubes to be safest, but I found Qubes incredibly frustrating to set up. I’ve installed and used daily at least a dozen different linux distros and VirtualBox for years, but Qubes was just too frustrating to stick with.

Thank you all for your answers. Very kind of you, guys.

The f3ds own a good chunk of exit nodes. They’ll save the traffic for XX years until algorithm gets old then decrypt