Wlan0 won't run

As well, I cannot find wlan0 when I type ifconfig but I can connect to wifi as shown in the picture below

Everything else works fine except being able to turn it on. I have a wireless adapter plugged into my pc and lit up which means it is working, it is made by Alfa and it’s model is Ralink 802.11 n Wlan {0101} and it is checked and added to the USB devices.

I followed every step in that video already.

I got this from the aircrack site.

Why do I get ‘SIOCSIFFLAGS : No such file or directory’ error message

Some drivers require a firmware to be loaded (b43, prism54, zd1211rw, …). The driver typically loads the firmware itself when started.
In this case, the driver didn’t find it because the firmware was not in the right place or is missing from the computer. To find the firmware’s correct location, read the driver documentation.

What happens if you use ParrotOS?

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Thanks looking into that that worked
For anyone else wondering I did

apt-get update
apt-get install firmware-ralink