Yahoo Mail

Can I know the following

  1. Can email on be encrypted
  2. Can I do a bulk transfer of emails from my Yahoo account to another email system
  3. Can additional layers of security be added to the Yahoo email. I currently use my mobile phone for authentication


  1. Yahoo doesn’t have an in-built encryption system for emails, unlike Google or Outlook. You can use third-party software like Mailvelope to do this. Look at the Yahoo section on this site:

  2. Yes, you can do bulk email transfer from Yahoo to some other email client like Gmail. Go through the steps on this site:

  3. You can use something like Ciphermail app to encrypt your email on Android. Google it on how it works

There is much third-party application used for migrating email from Yahoo account to another account. One month ago, I was also facing this issue then I searched in Google and find out the solution for this issue.