Zenmap ERROR datalink_offset failed for type 127 (DLT_EN10MB = 1, DLT_LINUX_SLL = 113)

Hello guys, I get this error when i try to run any type of scan in zenmap.
I run kali through virtual box, and I use an alfa adapter.
Can anyone Help please>?

It’s to do with the latest version of Kali. Zenmap is not supported with the latest wifi driver. You have to either downgrade your wifi driver in Kali or try it on older version of Kali

Thank you very much for your immediate response, I will try both of them and see what works best

can I use another wificard? @Apurv-StationX

Yes definitely, just google Wifi adaptors for Kali and you can buy any of the adaptors from the list you get. But honestly, alfa is the best out there so if it is not working with Alfa I am not sure if it will work with any other.

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Thank you very much for your help.