ZENMAP missing from Kali 6.x VM

I’m in the lesson “Gather Information Using Zenmap” and that application is not available in Kali. Following instructions in the lesson, I enter ‘zenmap’ at the terminator prompt, and bash returns: zenmap: command not found. I’m able to open document with ‘man nmap’ but not with ‘man zenmap’.

How do I install zenmap? Using app-get?

I would also like to know. I am not there yet but I think I am using the same version of Kali as you.

Nathan suggested ‘sudo apt install zenmap’ but that returns “Package ‘zenmap’ has no installation candidate”. I also tried apt-get instead of apt, which is suggested elsewhere on the Web, but that command returns the same message. I find a zenmap download at nmap.org. Do I need to download it first within Kali VM before installing it? If yes, where should it be placed before the install?
Part of the course is based on this tool, but it appears that it’s no longer part of the Kali distribution. What’s the solution?

Here’s how I got zenmap installed (thanks to Nathan)…

  1. Point your browser to https://nmap.org/dist/zenmap-7.80-1.noarch.rpm

  2. Open terminator, or any terminal, and cd to Downloads.

  3. Enter the following three lines:

    sudo apt-get install alien dpkg-dev debhelp build-essential
    sudo alien zenmap-7.80-1.noarch.rpm
    sudo alien zenmap_7.80-2_all.deb

Voila!! enter zenmap at the terminal prompt to launch the nmap GUI.