Zenmap not working

I’m in the part to learn use Zenmap. What happened:
1- When I start zenmap from its launcher nothing happens; no error, no message
2- If I start it from command line says:
Could not import the zenmapGUI.App module: ‘No module named gtk’.
I checked in these directories:
If you installed Zenmap in another directory, you may have to add the
modules directory to the PYTHONPATH environment variable.

3- I installed a new Kali-ZSecurity in Vbox and:

  • a) Before make updates to the system Zenmap works
  • b) After make the big update to the system Zenmap gives those errors

You should not update the Kali by ZSecurity. It will break many libraries. If you want an updated OS, then download the latest Kali and then install zenmap on it

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Thank you.
Recovered my VBox snapshot from 1st. installation.

I have a related question: I use Alfa NHA and the drivers are already installed in Kali zSecurity; but there is an 2020 version for updating;
Should I do it, or better is there a thumb rule like “never update anything” or “only update wifi drivers”?

I would suggest don’t update it. Anyway, you are testing tools on this Kali and not using this for any production purposes. So, why not just keep it as it is and don’t update unless you require it for any tool.

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You are right!
I use another VM Parrot Security, fully updated, and with corrections to Alfa NHA txpower & country (channels), for “production”. And a note: Zenmap works there.
Thank you Apurv